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Saturday, 27 July 2013


Secondhand Sandwich: Vintage Collar, Winners Top, Vintage Belt

Lela Rose for Payless shoes

[hit the] Target Skirt, Vintage Sequined Coin Purse

Gardens & Galaxies

Let me start off by saying no, I did not wear these shoes in public. *sighs of relief* Maybe in a few years I'll be comfortable enough to wear high heels amongst other people, but for now I'll stick to my flats and modestly-elevated oxfords & wedges, thank you very much. These heels I'm wearing were actually the first "outrageous" shoes my mom let me buy - from Payless, no less. Who knew they had cute things in there, anyways? I got them two years ago and it was one of the happiest moments of my life. That is, until I got my nude platforms and ginormous black & orange floral wedges last year. (I love shoes.)

You could say I have a shopping addiction - I buy things and never wear them. But... my sister does, and she's a self-proclaimed anti-shopper; my mom does, and she is the Queen of frugality. This condition either runs in the family, or we're all quite normal. My money's on the latter.

I absolutely love when outfits pick themselves. I had a cute little pink & white combination chosen for this post, but I looked at it a few hours later and decided that I wanted to do something a little more formal. A little more edgy. Fashion is all on the surface - I can pretend! Everything just seemed to fall into place after this astronomical decision. The collared shirt is actually cut up into a flappy bib-thing underneath because it's my "summer" collar - no one wants to be sweaty underneath all those cottony layers when it's a balmy 30 degrees celsius outside. I bought the blouse for one dollar, so it didn't seem like too much of a waste if it didn't end up working out. My galactically cosmic shirt is from Winners, which is a Canadian staple thanks to its cheap & trendy-ness. My skirt is from Target, the American staple for cheap & trendy-ness. My belt and sparkly coin purse are vintage, of course. And my lovely Payless shoes - the icing on the top (bottom) of the cupcake!

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