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Monday, 15 July 2013

Welcome to the Garden Party

Hello, hello & hello! I am honestly so excited to be starting this blog - all of my previous attempts at style blogging have been caught by the procrastination bug before they even got off the ground. But I'm still standing strong on this one, and I plan to do so for the next four years.

I'm starting my first year of university this fall, and I'm studying... fashion! I couldn't be more happy, and I'm also really lucky to be moving into residence with some of my fellow fashion classmates. We haven't met yet, but I'm sure we're going to fit together like peas in a pod. I hope I'm not the only one waiting to dive into other people's closets for inspiration, and maybe to *cough* borrow a few things...

But anyways. Today I was trying on a bunch of different outfits, and this one just happened to look pretty cute! It's actually my pajama top thrown over a white dress, so it's really comfy. The purse is vintage, and I've had it since I was little - it used to be part of my dress-up bin, and now I wear it in real life! My aviators were found in a hockey arena parking lot, and the shoes just turned one year old - I bought them on my family trip to Europe last year. I'd been looking for ages for that perfect pair of heeled oxfords, and these fit the bill. It's great because I'm quite tall, and these shoes don't make me look like a giant. They're really comfortable as well. In fact, I think I like them more than my Birkenstocks!

For more outfit updates, keep checking back here - I'm only just getting started!

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