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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Country Farewells

Vintage Gold Watch; Old Navy Bow Bracelet

Ahh, August. A time of introspection and wishful thinking; equal parts excitement and dread. This time of year always brings about my classic "To Do" list, with things that I want to accomplish in the upcoming year, which (unfortunately) never seems to get fully checked off.

The list this year is pretty simple: Keep up my fashion blog, keep up with school, and keep up with style. By the end of first year everyone seems to be one size bigger in clothes and one size smaller in confidence, and that's definitely not one trend I'm excited to follow.

It's been a long ten days since I've styled last, and whether it was due to weather, work or stress I'm not quite sure. Regardless, this outfit was (again) thrown together on a whim. I was wearing this top earlier in the day, and when I was just about ready to head out with my twin and my camera the Ralph Lauren skirt called to me. It literally called out in a squeaky, needy little voice and urged me to put it on. My vintage RL pencil skirt is my favourite skirt of all time, although I seem to have an unnatural passion for all skirts because my drawer won't close and I have to (lovingly) shove some of them in with the shorts just so I can create an illusion of clean. I also decided to pull out the Birkenstocks, because let's face it, they're a strict Canadian staple. When I went to Germany last year not one local was wearing Stocks, and they honestly laughed at my family when we walked around in our matching sandals. I got this hat on Thursday when I was in Toronto with Rebecca taking dance photos, and her mom bought us hats in Kensington market (thanks Linda!). It was the best day of my summer so far, even if I had to wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning. I'm so excited to be moving to Toronto, and to be surrounded by all the noise, culture and street-style... Goodbye country, hello big city!

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