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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dawn | Dusk

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This weekend was pretty awesome. I hung out with my sister and watched Skins (if you don't watch it, jump on the bandwagon already and give it a go), and I also spent a good amount of time watching my cat drink water out of the fishbowl... I'm surprised he wasn't sick. And that he didn't actually eat the fish. 

Going home for me means that I can stop trying so hard to dress nicely and to look presentable - it's both a vacation from school and a vacation from civility. I honestly wore sweatpants and the same shirt four days straight. The one day that I did dress up was Sunday, when we went to our Aunt's for Thanksgiving dinner. I felt it only right that I wore something of her's, so on went the pleats - I love my school-girl skirt so much, but whether it's due to the (almost) vintage nature or the swingy pleats I'm not entirely sure. Then came my purpley crop top from Forever 21, which I purchased in black as well because I just can't seem to get enough velvet. I've been wearing these boots religiously (which were featured in a previous post here), and my cozy autumn sweater is from Goodwill the Great. The baroque-creepy necklace is courtesy of Anna, who also jumped in to photograph this post! She's the bomb dot com.

I can't wait for Halloween - does anyone have any cool costume ideas? I'm running out of creative juice because of all these collages and texture drawings, so if you could give me a hand I would love you forever! (I think there's a comment button somewhere...)

And finally, I think that thanks are for giving (get it?!), so I'd like to give a big thank you to everyone who follows Freckled Fashion - even if you just look at the pictures, or choose to chuckle at my awkward faces, I love seeing that people are seeing my stuff! XO

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