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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Winter Woolies

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Can it please be Christmas already??! Since the passing of Halloween all I can think about is how close Christmas is. A month and nineteen days; one-thousand-two-hundred and twenty-four hours. I find it extremely difficult to stop myself from humming Christmas carols while I'm collaging in the common room (sorry guys… I hum a lot). I mean, I don't really want all the chilliness and snowiness and the city slush. I just want to feel nostalgic. And like a little kid again.

With Christmas comes the end of my first semester of university. I won't bore you will all the details, but all this work we've been doing since September is getting kind of crazy. I need a break, stat. I also need to go shopping.

This all-white ensemble (finally) features my beautiful Ann Ren coat, in all its lacey and delicate glory. Peeking out from under the hem is the white dress I wore in my first-ever post (curious cats... click here), and on my feet are a simple pair of black Old Navy flats. The most important part of this outfit is, however, the socks.

For the longest time, all I wanted was thigh-high socks. It was an insatiable need; one that just couldn't seem to be quenched. You see, I always encounter a little problem, and it goes something like this:

(long legs) + (an average person's definition of thigh high) = too short socks

Luckily, these socks equated to the better side - at least they go above my knee. A little bit. They're just too cool to leave in my sock drawer though, so on the days when I wear them I'll have to add extra layers on top for warmth.

If you want to get a pair of these socks, head on over to floorplaysocks on Queen St. West. It's basically just a store filled with socks. What could be more amazing?!

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